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January 20, 2020

The Fairytale Casebook is a physical theatre performance project about fairytales, folklore and myths, their echos in our contemporary time, and the influences they may continue to have on our ways of thinking, our behaviour, and contemporary society.


What do we really know about borders? I mean us, European citi­zens with passports valid in most of the countries in the world. Us, the constantly-on-the-move, Ryanair-addicted, budget-overseas trip dependents, who do not even realise that we have crossed a border anym...

It is a bright, energetic song about doomsday. Chic’s 2018 song, Till the World Falls, their first single for an album in 26 years, defuses the idea of impending oblivion, transforming it into an opportunity for unashamed disco fun.  

At a time where Donald Trump is exp...

“Whenever Aftaab brings a film to show in the village from India,

I always come to watch it. Under this guise I can visit that side,

meet those people, walk those streets, I can feel the trees there and my heart gleams with happiness.”

Filmistaan, 2012

The words in the epi...

Since the rise of Modernist design, our lives have become inundated with the concept of material wealth. Simple geometric shapes are emblematic of such design, constituting everything from small cups to large buildings, with many such objects being mass produced at gre...


Carl Schmitt was a Weimar political and legal thinker who became one of the leading jurists of the Third Reich. Schmitt is best known for his theory of sovereignty, most clearly articulated in his book Political Theology (1922). His famous formulation, ‘sov...

With the outcome of Brexit impending, the question of border law in the UK is deeply concerning, as both British and Irish governments are seeking to sustain the peace of recent years. Yet negations of border law in the Atlantic archipelago, the isles of Britain, Irela...

February 14, 2019

“I just got to be careful to not disrespect the culture, but Japan is all about respect…” 

–Logan Paul 

        On December the 29th 2017, Youtuber Logan Paul uploaded the first video in a short travel vlog series of his trip to Tokyo, titled “KICKED OUT OF JAPAN! (I’m s...

January 1, 2019

      Blame is a common part of human life and relationships. Despite blaming others and being blamed in turn, we find it difficult to understand. Is it anger, bitterness, or disappointment? Is its function to protest, punish, or demand?...

November 29, 2018


The British Empire contained many enthusiasts for its assorted aims of settlement, rule, and the civilising mission. Imperial propaganda was there to promote these aims as widely as possible. This has been defined as ‘the transmission of ideas and values...

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January 20, 2020

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