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The eighth issue of Question...
General Editors: Felix Sadebeck and Maria Rupprecht


Heading 1

 The seventh issue of Question tackles the issues of sustainability in the modern world as well as the past. Relevant now more than ever, this theme is addressed through a variety of lenses, including photography, dance, historical research and social studies.
Published November 2022.
General Editors: Georgia Holly and Berber van der Meulen-van der Veen

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The sixth issue of Question examines various kinds of communities. The social disruption of the last year has made us all rethink our relationships with the people and places around us. The
concept of ‘community’ has become central to public discourse, reflecting our newfound enthusiasm for engaging with the surrounding world. 
Published 26th July 2021.
General Editor: Sam Young 

DOI: 10.52715/BBWK5928

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This fifth issue of Question focuses on concepts of 'Exchange'. The year 2020 meant researchers would adapt to forms of emotional, intellectual and cultural exchange. This issue features articles on artistic, cinematic, political and historical exchange.
Published 23rd September 2020.
General Editors: Sam Young & Rachel Beaney

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Issue Four: Myth

'Myth' is the topic of our fourth issue. All contributions in this issue of Question explore myth's social, political and cultural value, analysing its representations and implications across time and cultural spaces.
Published 20th December  2019.
General Editor: Andrea Romanzi and Marta Balzi
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Issue Three: Frontiers

'Frontiers' is the topic of our third issue. The theme is faced from different perspectives from across the Humanities, analysing it in Cinema, Theatre, translation poetry and much more, from Russia to Spain. 
Published 3rd June 2019.
General Editor: Andrea Romanzi 
Question Issue 2 Cover.png

Issue Two: Conflict

All the contributions in this second issue of Question explore the concept of 'Conflict'. The academic articles and creative pieces included within it set out to find ways of navigating conflictual situations, whether they be social, political, physical or psychological.
Published 21st December 2018.
General Editors: Gareth Mills & Tabitha Stanmore


Issue One: Beneath the Surface

The debut issue of Question. All contributions reflect the theme of that found 'Beneath the Surface', with studies focusing on ancient burial sites, long-forgotten crimes and homicides, and the lost dramatic vitality of the Elizabethan stage.
Published 6th November 2017.
General Editors: Gareth Mills & Tabitha Stanmore

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