Submissions for Question Issue 7 are now open.

The new Question editorial team are excited to announce the theme of the upcoming issue 7: Sustainability and Innovation. Both within and outside the world of academia, sustainability has become something everyone engages with in one way or another. Within the realms of sustainable development, we see both environmental sustainability, which describes the connections between the human exploitation of the planet and the ecological functioning of the earth’s biosphere, and cultural sustainability, which raises questions regarding the maintenance of societal beliefs, practices and heritage conservation. Within our research, the term ‘sustainability' may consider the future of our disciplines, the maintenance of our research practice and the evolution of our principles. We believe the theme of ‘innovation’ lends itself to the forward-looking connotations of sustainability, and encourage applications which look towards the future development of their field.


Possible aspects that prospective contributors may wish to include are:

- How has sustainability changed through the ages?

- How sustainable is your discipline?

- Can we share the message of sustainability through practice in art and music? 

- What new innovations have occurred in your research field?

- How has innovation driven your practice?


We are planning to publish issue 7 of Question in print and online in June 2021. For this, we are inviting two types of contributions:


1. Academic papers (3000 words) or blog posts (500-1000 words)


If you are interested in publishing (parts of) your research in Question, please send a 250-word abstract or a rough draft of the intended paper to for our consideration.


Alternatively, if you wish to write a shorter piece aimed more at a general audience, you may send a 250-word abstract for an article to be published on our webpage (


2. Artwork or practice-based works. Our DTP is wonderfully diverse in the different types of PhD projects it funds. We would like Question to reflect that, by including visual artworks in the journal and sharing practice-based research outputs (music, film, etc.) on our webpage. If you are interested in contributing in this manner, please get in touch at


The deadline for sending in your proposals and abstracts is October 29, 2021. We are looking forward to your contributions!