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Issue 8 - Changes: Calibration, Rethinking and Adjustment



This year's theme is 'Changes: Calibration, Rethinking and Adjustment'. The topic follows on from the 2022 SWWDTP Summer Research Festival, in order to allow for conversations on new, re-calibrated approaches to research and re-thinking themes and issues to unveil within the social, economic, cultural and historical background.


‘Changes’ could take a retrospective approach - looking back on differences between the present and the past - or it can be looking to the future with hopes, fears and expectations. When we think historically, we tend to perceive change as a slow and gradual process - however, change today is rapidly accelerating, and if the last few years have shown us anything, it is that tomorrow can look very different from today. Alongside the large-scale global and national changes, we have all made small, everyday, but vital changes to our own lives.


This interdisciplinary issue explores the various attitudes towards changes in terms of their adoption, adaption, effects and measurement. How do we as individuals and as a broader society navigate and perceive change? How might we learn and adapt, and how might past change inform our perspectives? How can we create change for a better future? As researchers, we feel change is fundamental to everything we study - whether we are analysing changes of the past or looking to propose new changes for the future.


To examine these questions and more, we invite academic papers, blog posts, pod casts, film or any other form of activity based on, but not limited to, the following themes:


  • Attitudes to changes: denying, appreciating, desiring, fearing etc.

  • Adoption of, versus adaptation to changes

  • Temporality of changes

  • Future methods and research practices

  • Artistic representations of changes or transformations

  • Changes in research

  • Measurable and non-measurable changes


We are planning to publish issue 8 of Question in print and online in August 2023. For this, we are inviting 4 types of contributions:


  1. Academic papers (3000 words)

  2. Blog posts (500-1000 words)

  3. Podcasts (15 minutes)

  4. Artwork or practice-based works.


If you are interested in publishing (parts of) your research in Question, please fill in the Application Form including a 200-300 word abstract or a rough draft of the intended piece of work.


Our DTP is wonderfully diverse in the different types of PhD projects it funds. We would like Question to reflect that, by including visual artworks in the journal and sharing practice-based research outputs (music, film, etc.) on our webpage. If you are interested in contributing in this manner, please get in touch at


The deadline for sending in your proposals and abstracts is  16th January, 2023. We are looking forward to your contributions!

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