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The Odious Odysseus

This artwork is a humorous re-elaboration of the episode of Odysseus and the Cyclops taken from Homer’s Odyssey. The events in the illustration follow the original sequence of the story, but the tone is different: Odysseus is not the symbol of the courageous and upright hero. On the contrary, he is presented as an unpleasant and troublesome character (called ‘the Odious’ with a little pun) who gets out of trouble only through his unscrupulous cleverness and the help of powerful friends (represented by the goddess Athena). The adventures of the Odious Odysseus are told with sarcasm and irony without renouncing to the epic features typical of Greek poems.

Vincenzo Pani is a Comics Artist with a scientific degree in Pharmacy and Nutrition. This potion of knowledge allowed him to work with scientific journals (Chemistry European Journal, Polyhedron journal, Chemistry and Biodiversity) as well as for the Archaeological site of Aquinum and for The Medical Library of Rome. His pencil is always at the service of social critique.

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