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Aurora Moxon

Aurora Moxon Picture.png

Aurora Moxon’s PhD thesis ‘Italy’s ‘Other’: A Study of Transnational Calabrian Identity’ looks at the ways in which Calabrian identity has been constructed in Italian and Eurocentric hegemonic discourses and how systematic stereotyping continues to determine the self-perception and self-representation of Calabrians within Italy and Australia. It is supervised by Dr Ruth Glynn (University of Bristol) and Prof Loredana Polezzi (Cardiff University). Aurora is fanatical about the role oral history can play in understanding questions of identity. Her research also looks into questions of migration, mobility, dialogical identity construction, gender, subalterneity, and postcolonialism. Her paper ‘‘Them’ and ‘us’: an overview of Calabrian identity as constructed by Northern Italy’ was published in issue two of Question. Aurora has co-directed the SWWDTP’s Memory Studies cluster and recently returned from archival research at the Immigration History Research Centre Archives at the University of Minnesota as an IHRCA Grant-in-Aid recipient.

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