Recruiting - General Editor to start June 2021

Question is now recruiting a new General Editor for June 2021!


Background to Question 
Question was founded by DTP students in 2017 with the aim of providing a formal, cross-disciplinary platform for PGRs to exhibit their work. Published both online and in paper, the journal features academic articles, creative writing and poetry, visual art collections and original translations. Submissions are welcomed from across the Arts & Humanities, with past topics ranging from Chilean feminist protest to Homeric poetry to Jewish-American cinema. All submissions are reviewed by a dedicated team of DTP students, including Subject Editors, a Submissions Manager and General Editor.

Question is released on an annual basis, though we also regularly publish shorter works on our blog. Our writers hail from a range of Arts & Humanities subjects, and while our editorial team is entirely DTP-based, we do also welcome submissions from non-DTP researchers. 

The role
The position of General Editor is mostly managerial. Working alongside the Submissions Manager, your job will be to oversee the development of each issue - from choosing the issue’s theme to posting finished copies to readers. This process will involve tasks such as:

•    Recruiting Subject Editors, featured artists and graphic designers 
•    Writing the call for papers 
•    Making the final decision on submissions
•    Working with Subject Editors on reviewing article drafts
•    Distributing copies to DTP institutions and students 
•    Publicising Question via social media

Please note that the General Editor role is only open to current SWW DTP students. It is also not paid (apologies). 


We recommend that General Editors remain in their role for no more than two issues.

How to get in touch
The General Editor role is an exciting and rewarding experience that will greatly develop your knowledge of the academic publishing process while stretching your management and organisation skills. In my own experience, I’ve loved how it has allowed me to work closely with colleagues from across the DTP and discover the rich variety of subjects they are exploring in their research. The role can be challenging at times, but the skills you will build and the feeling of creating a piece of high-quality academic literature are worth every effort.

If you would like to apply for this role, or would just like more information, feel free to get in touch with our Submissions Manager Rachel Beaney at

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