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We're pleased to announce that the Question team will be hosting a live discussion event at the upcoming SWW DTP research festival on the theme of 'Futures'!


The event is entitled 'Question: Creating a PGR space in Academic Publishing' and will be held over Zoom at 16:00 on Tuesday 15 June. All are welcome to attend and we would love to hear your thoughts on the journal and how we can continue to pioneer a PGR-led space in the world of academic publishing.

To register, please see: 

About this event:
Question, the official postgraduate-run journal of the SWW DTP, is now into its fourth year of publication. Since 2017, Question has provided a platform for Arts & Humanities students across the UK and beyond to share their research – from essays to creative writing to visual art collections – all supported by a rigorous peer review process delivered by a dedicated team of SWW DTP students.

This event brings together editors and writers from the team behind Issue 6: ‘Community’ (summer 2021) to share their experiences of Question. Panelists will discuss the aims behind this issue, the significance of the ‘Community’ theme and the challenges faced in producing a journal during a pandemic. Most importantly, they will share their ideas for the future of the journal, exploring how Question can continue to pioneer methods of sharing PGR research within the often rigid and hierarchical world of academic publishing.

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