Issue 5: Exchange

Production of the 5th issue of the Question Journal is underway. The editorial team have been working hard with our authors to deliver some fantastic articles.

 Theme: Exchange 

Question’s theme for Issue #5 is ‘Exchange’. Concepts of knowledge exchange are a constant feature in contemporary academia. Conferences, journals and symposia from every discipline facilitate the sharing of new ideas and arguments. In the wider world, however, understandings of ‘exchange’ are not limited to knowledge dissemination alone. 

Exchange can be cultural, bringing people into contact with new languages and forms of expression. In the arts, we witness cross-cultural communication through translated literature, film, music and theatre. Exchange can also be social, encompassing the movement of people and traditions across borders. Yet, at the same time, exchange can have an insidious element in the shape of economic exploitation, cultural appropriation or resistance to change. 

Watch this space for updates on the next issue and future calls for papers.

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