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What is Question?

Question is an academic journal designed for mainstream audiences and funded by the SWW DTP. Twice a year, we publish a selection of new essays, creative writing, art and research drawn from over two hundred early career academics and writers. Our contributors include historians, literary critics, playwrights, artists, archaeologists, poets, musicians, philosophers, scientists, lawyers and linguists from universities around the UK. Question offers an opportunity for everyone to engage with peer-reviewed, fact-checked new perspectives in an age where the creation of knowledge is increasingly tribalised and uncertain.

We invite public scrutiny of ideas which might otherwise be hidden behind institutional barriers. Our editorial policy means all published work is at first submitted anonymously, free from the influence of vested interests. Though the articles are produced by university-based scholars, anybody can write for Question and each issue will include letters and responses that form a dialogue with the essays from the previous edition.

All academic blog posts have comments enabled and select responses to articles will be published. You can learn more about us, contribute to a future issue, or connect with us on social media. Please get in touch with your thoughts, questions, and contributions.


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